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This amazing women’s clothing brand was established in 1976 by Manny Mashouf at San Francisco, California U.S. Manny was migrated from Iran to the United States of America in the 70s. He started the first Bebe Outlet in San Francisco when there were the influence of three women’s wear classes: Junior, Bridge and Misses. He started his first outlet as Bebe in 1970s. In 2003, they launch a new name BebeSport which focuses on women’s Sportswear, Tops, Sweaters, Outerwear and accessories. They also have a Bridal Wear line in their outlets in all over United States. In 2009, they announced that BebeSPort stores to be converted into PH8 stores to widen the range and focus to fulfill the needs of their customers and to create an unimaginable customer recall.

The brand has now been expanded to around 312 stores which includes, 215 Bebe stores, 32 2B-Bebe stores, 64 BebeSport stores and one is specifically for their accessories store. They have expanded their business in the United States of America, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, The U.S Virgin Islands and Canada. The company also has there International division in Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, Israel, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey and UAE. The Brand’s Net Worth is $1.5 Billion approx.